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Business Meeting


  • Business Model Breakdowns

  • Acronym Explanations

  • Highlighting the Important News Takeaways


The line between and Asset vs Liability is pretty easy to see. The best rule of thumb for financial well-being is to make sure your Assets > than Liabilities.

Image by Brett Jordan

The parent company of Google called Alphabet is one of the biggest companies in the world worth over $2 Trillion dollars. Everyone knows Google, but have you ever looked into where their money comes from?


What does "EBITDA" stand for? What does it mean and why should it matter?

tswift music awards.jpg

Opinion What if I told you that infamous run-in from 12 years ago is just now about to monumentally CHANGE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY FOREVER?

Red Chairs

Opinion Bob Iger says there will likely be less attendance at the movies, shorter-windows for movies staying in theater, and less theatrical releases overall. The end of movie theaters as we know it?

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