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  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more

  • Wallets & Custodial options

  • Mining, Transactions, Applicable use-cases


Cryptocurrencies are labeled as currencies, but very few of them are trying to be a replacement for money. Here's what they REALLY are.


It stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. But what does fungible mean? Do I really have to know this?

bitcoin mining.jpg

You probably think of pick-axes and dirt when you hear the word mining. How does it work for Bitcoin? 

web 3 cover.jpg

Everything you need to know about Web3 in a single thread (with examples!). We also breakdown Web1 & Web2 so you can see the shifts happening.

Image by Shubham Dhage

Everybody’s heard the term blockchain with Bitcoin and crypto. But what does it really mean? Actually the explanation is much more simple than you think...

Image by André François McKenzie

There's nothing behind Bitcoin, shouldn't it be worthless? You might wonder how the price is getting so high? How do you value something?


Opinion Why waiting on Bitcoin could be catastrophic for companies, countries, and yourself?

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