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John Deere Enabling Self-Farming Farms with Autonomous Tractors

Oh, Deere!

John Deere Autonomous Tractors

John Deere helping farmers get close to self-farming farms with autonomous tractors coming out later this year.

There’s been a decreasing number of farmers, and an increasing population. That's is not a combination you want to hear.

Some estimates have the global population growing from about 8 billion to 10 billion people by 2050. That would increase the global food demand by 50%. This tech should help farming become more efficient.

But these tractors can get pretty expensive, some as high as $600k. The nice thing is John Deere is also selling the automated system separately that farmers can buy for their existing tractors. It's a lower cost alternative that will still reap similar benefits.

We can look at this trend in one of two ways...

The bright side is the tech is supposed to be more efficient and better than farming by humans. It makes you wonder what other industries or jobs can automation also be applied to improve output and efficiency?

The downside is a lot of farmers are understandably frustrated and annoyed about their jobs being taken. How will automation continue to remove jobs from the workforce? And how will workers evolve? Where are the threats and where are the opportunities?

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