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Shopify & Instagram are enabling NFTs on their platforms.

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Shopify & IG are enabling NFTs on their platforms. (Wellllll to be clear, IG is exploring right now, but the parent company doesn't just go all out with the metaverse and then not go into NFTs.)

OpenSea – is the leading NFT peer-to-peer marketplace – has sold more than $13 billion from over 1.2 million traders.

Over a million online stores use Shopify.

Shopify Has Contributed to $319 Billion in Global Economic Activity.

Instagram has over a billion active users. Many are brands & creators.

What will this look like for Brands? Exclusive collectible merch. Recurring royalties for creators. Podcasts have got creative by selling Advertising time as an NFT where you can cash in now, or sell in future if you think price will appreciate. Endless possibilities.

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