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Teenager Denies $5,000 Offer to Stop Tracking Elon Musk’s Plane

Elon musk private plane

Elon Musk is being tracked!

19 year-old Jack Sweeney runs a Twitter account tracking Elon’s private jet, and Musk offered him $5,000 to stop — Sweeney then rejected the money and said he won’t settle for less than $50,000.

"I've done a lot of work on this and 5k is not enough," Sweeney said in an interview with Business Insider. He added $5,000 wasn't enough to replace "the fun I have in this, working on it.”

Apparently, Elon went dark and then Jack shared his DM publicly as a negotiating tactic. The open negotiation with the billionaire is an incredibly ballsy move and hopefully it pays off for him.

Sweeney said the money could be used for his own college fund, or the money could go toward buying a Tesla Model 3.

At that point, it makes much more sense to just ask for the Tesla since it would be no cost to Elon.

What would you do in this situation? I'm sure Elon could get a SpaceX or Tesla employee to help his issue pretty quickly and then Sweeney would be out of luck.

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